The Other Day

I POSTED A KNOCK on AARP — the acronym standing for American Association of Retired Persons. But it might also stand for Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons. Just as NAA(L)CP stands for National Association for the Advancement of (Liberal) Colored Persons.

Now, we have a constitutional right to free association, so let me shoot down up front here the notion that I’m calling for government action against these groups (although the withdrawal of favoritism toward them might be a whole kettle of fish of a different color). So DO NOT post comments arguing for or against that, or I may have to sic Og on your ass with a cricket bat.

But I am urging nominally free citizens of a notionally free state to consider carefully their support of said associations.


Well, Dolly, because. They seek to advance one citizen or one group of citizens over one other or over the whole. And, can you see how manifestly un-American that is?

Er– you have to ask?

Consider the question rhetorical.


Now, many folks will want to argue that some groups, having seen invidious discrimination practiced against them, seek only to catch up.

Which manages somehow to not hear the dissonance of seeking to end discrimination by practicing it.

Fight fire with fire?

Now you’re just being silly.

Silly: Ç’est moi!

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