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FROM BIG DICK posting over t’ Og’s. Top ten favorite American films.

Intriguing to me, because I want to explore my own list. Difficult because I really like a lot of foreign films, because I haven’t really SEEN a lot of movies, and because I might not remember them all, either.

In Harm’s Way, John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Patricia Neal and an all-star cast of thousands. WWII Navy action in the Pacific. Tam likes machine guns and dead Nazis. I like naval bombardments and dead Japs.

Funny you became such a fan of anime, then.

Well, that was then. Not so much now.

Even better, Run Silent, Run Deep although I much prefer the book to the movie. I love the scene in which the starstruck young ensign comes around the corner to discover the godlike skipper chinning himself in his stateroom doorway, while his valet holds a pair of uniform pants for him to slip into. ZOMFG! He really DOESN’T put his pants on one leg at a time!


Guess ya hadda been there.



Disney animated features, starting with Snow White and ending with the first 101 Dalmations. Before, Disney animators were just learning their trade. After, the product became too much that of a factory, with less room left for quirky, individual brilliance.

The Birds.

How the West Was Won.

The Magnificent Seven. At least, I assume it’s an American movie, even though it was shot in Mexico?


The Indiana Jones movies — consider them all a single work.

Will Penny — Charlton Heston as a run-down saddle tramp who finds redemption then loss where he least expects it. IIRC, this was one of Heston’s favorite roles, too.

That’s at least eleven.

Oi! An’ it goes to eleven. ‘Coz that’s louder, y’see. And I could go on for awhile, I’m sure. Butch Cassidy, The Sting, The Grifters

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