The Lokester

ACTUALLY SEEMS to be improving — albeit slowly. For example, as I was getting up from my afternoon nap, he wandered by and favored me with a few choice words. “Myap. Myut.” and, (if I heard him correctly) “Myip.” All with a falling inflection, whatever that means. Toni reports he enjoyed the hell out of canned food (they normally eat Science Diet kibble). And he’s leaning into head rubs and back strokes. On the other hand, when normally he’ll voice a couple of one- or two-syllable utterances, (“Myit-aap” being a favorite) upon being greeted, he’s been only raising his head and looking wearily up.

A major sign of hope. Late this evening, when I stood up to go downstairs and get the recycling out, he met me at the office door and made as if to lead the parade into the bedroom. And he’s been flopping down and asking for belly rubs, too. Just… not as vocally as usual.

In sum, it appears he’s feeling better today than yesterday, and we can hope he’ll feel better tomorrow.

Postscript: Just minutes after I hit the Submit button, Loki walked up next to my desk chair, yelling “Maaouu” at me, flopping down for past-arm’s-reach bellyrubs, and weaving around an outstretched hand. He even suffered to be picked up and snuggled for all of ten seconds. Definitely improving.

::big sigh::

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