The Libertarian Dialectic

ACTUALLY, ANYBODY can add this trick to their argumentarium. But I’m not feeling particularly capital-C Conservative today, so… there you go.

Just brace a warmiast — somebody who believes in (there’s a scientific proposition for you) — global warming or climate change or whatever with this: “Oh, so you’re a tool of Enron, eh?”

And you’ll probably get a ::wobbita:: and a WTF? look. And you come back, “You do know that Ken Lay was a big proponent of global warming. In fact, right about the last peak in global temperatures, he urged then-President Bill Clinton to get on the bandwagon.”

And, being a leftist, this idiot will come back with a credit-where-due response and say something to the effect of, “I’d agree with the devil, if he was right.”

To which you can then reply, “Oh. I see. So guilt by association with filthy, evil corporate influence is only valid when it’s somebody you disagree with?”

Not that it would have much persuasive effect, but it could be good for a moment’s amusement.

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