The Left Has Its Panties

IN A DOUBLE CARRICK BEND because there are some of us in the Right who, while enjoying the actual Games themselves, understand that the International Olympic Movement is an anti-American, One-World type of collectivist front whose descent on a host city exactly resembles the parasitical actions of the British Court when it would descend on an unruly noble’s household, bag and baggage, and proceed to eat the poor lord out of house and home.

There’s a term for that.

Escapes me at the moment, but someone will remind us of it in three… two…

And we in the Right have been a bit in a celebratory way, not only with schadenfreude over the Obamas’ getting a nice pair of his-and-hers shiners out of the exercise…

..self-inflicted, if ya axs me…

… indeed, not only that, but also that the good people of Chicago are not to be saddled with the burden The Won was chasing them around the corral with.

It’s not so much cheering for America’s defeat in the matter as it is a vast sigh of relief at having dodged THAT bullet.

Let them suck the life out of Rio this time.

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