The Left and the Right Have Widely Divergent

NOTIONS AS TO WHAT constitutes a hyperpartisan.

To the Left, it is someone who refuses to consider opposing viewpoints — who has the courage of his convictions and principles. Of course, that desecribes most people in the Right, so, of course, your knee-jerk leftist abhors that. (Which is why they can’t stand Rush Limbaugh. And they could fool themselves into believing that Bill Buckley’s endless hunt for le mot juste was actually so much chin-pulling, so they lurved him.)

To the right it is someone who will follow the partisan line, regardless of whether it makes sense, who will bring the country down if it will further his partisan goals. Which is why we call George Mitchell, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, and just about any random Kennedy you could hit with a swung cat hyper-partisans. Because they would, they do, and they are.

Don’t you be those guys.

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