The Importance of Being Earnest

A.K.A. BENJAMIN Buttinface. This picture doesn’t show it — in fact none of the pictures I’ve been able to get of Earnie so far do — but he looks like a little old man, with a head two sizes too large, a spindly neck. He looks just like Brad Pitt in full “The Curious Case of…” makeup. That, plus his habit of sticking his butt in your face, and his proclivity for flatulence, we almost find his nickname inevitable.

He likes to get up in the middle of your chest, with his back tucked under your chin — never sit with your back to the door; always be sure you can see threats coming; do you think a kitten can be that situation aware? — and purr like a diesel 4-cylinder.

Earnie was the one of the three most recent additions to the herd here at Casa d’Alger who was going to go to Number One Daughter’s household. Until, that is, I got attached to him and expressed a willingness to sell Chester (a.k.a. Chutney, and there’s a story to that, too) down the river in Earnie’s favor. And then NOD found an abandoned kitten in the middle of the road and all of a sudden we were “stuck” with kittens number eight, nine, and ten.

May the Lord smite me with it.

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