The Impending Approach

OF THE ONCOMING Headlight of Doom representing the EPA’s expected regulation of carbon dioxide — “Save a Tree, Cut CO2” — and other associated over reaches of government (hereinafter referred to as The Problem) kinda makes me wonder where the tipping point is. I mean, we’re long past the point with — scorn quotes — “Progressive” gradualism where the flame under the pot of water with a frog in it is gradually ramping up the heat unnoticed. This is burners-on-high and pour-on-the-gas. When is the whole thing going to collapse under the weight of its outrageousness? When is its utter unacceptability going to finally impinge on the public consciousness and spark a revolution? Is it the utterly despicable treatment of the homecoming queen by the media and the evil, sick, twisted, partisan Left? Is it the flatulently partisan lynching of the plainspoken plumber? Is it the blatant rape of the economy? Is it the palpable treason of traitors such as Diane Feinstein (Hey, Diane! How many troops died because of your treason?), or Patrick “Leaky” Leahy? Is it the weakness, appeasement, and surrender of the Obama foreign policy which endangers not all Americans, but the entire world when Barry O truckles with mad dog dictators and insults our staunch allies?

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