The Halls of Justice

WHERE THE ONLY JUSTICE is in the halls. Or something like that.

So the FedGov sues Texas to overturn the state’s voter ID law. (I still want to know where the DOJ gets off suing anybody — EVER. If it’s illegal and you have evidence of a crime, file charges. If it’s not, STFU. It’s that “Right to Liberty” thing.)

And it’s slam-dunked because, as it’s said, the state didn’t show that voter fraud due to lack of an ID is a problem.

And the FedGov adduces as its rationalization for the suit? The voter ID might — MIGHT — discriminate against Hispanics.

From Spain?

No, Dolly. When leftist bigots say “Hispanic” that’s code word for Mexican. They don’t even show the same concern for Cubans or Puerto Ricans. Or Chileans.


But… “Might?” “MIGHT”?

Somebody’s head should be asplodin’ from the disonnance.

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