The Guest Hoser on the Glenn Beck

PROGRAM THURSDAY was going on about the problem of Registered Sex Offenders Living in YOUR Neighborhood.

This might be one big post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy on my part, but here goes.

I remember, when I was a kid (40-50 years ago), that it was pretty much accepted that rape carried the death penalty. It seemed that rape was fairly rare. Child molestation was almost unheard-of. In fact (I say “fact” advisedly, but that’s the expression there is to use, chalk it up to the limitations of my abilities with English as a first language), I’d speculate that one of the reasons the offense is SO damned horrific in the public and personal perception is that evil seems to have taken us by surprise. Where did that come from? Who could ever think of … ::blech!:: Instant squick.

Or, at any rate, that’s my perception, which might be mistaken.

And then, as Steely Dan put it in “Do It Again,” the mourners started singing (or, as I mondegreened it, “the moaners are all sangin'”, the “moaners” being the constant carpers on the Left who try to assert moral superiority when, in fact, they’re asserting moral stupidity — which amounts to about the same intent), and there went the death penalty out the window. And, as I keep saying, actions have consequences, and no, you’re not allowed to use the fact that you didn’t mean them to come about to claim they were unintended. As the saying goes, the Road to Hell is paved with — scorn quotes — “good” intentions. So, when the death penalty went away, yes, the State no longer puts quite so many innocents to death. And, instead of spending public resources to improve the capabilities of investigators and reliability of the trial process, we spend them warehousing people for life who really should have been permentantly removed from society a long, long time ago.

But, then, there’s the problem of false accusations. Which also seem to be eventuating with greater frequency these days, although that might be due more to the heightened awareness of the 24-hour news cycle than to actual reality. (Has anybody done a study?)

I tell you that to tell you this:

This guy — the substitute host — is a fucking moron.

He’s wittering on that the rights of the Registered Sex Offender are in conflict with the supposed “right” of a child to walk down the street unmolested.

Really? Whence descendeth this right? Are you saying that people have the right to be able to walk around gormless in Condition White all the time and be totally free from predation? Really? Are you THAT fucking stupid?

No. No. No. Adults have a responsibility to protect children. Every child that is molested suffers that fate due to the failure of some adult in his primary fiduciary responsibility to that child. Every. Single. One. There’s no right involved.

And society has the responsibility to remove deadly predators from society. Every single victim of crime — committed by a recidivist — suffers that fate due to the failure of society in its primary fiduciary responsibility to that member of society.

Someone who commits rape (or child molestation), and is fairly adjudged by a jury of his peers to have done so, should be removed — permanently — from society. Failure to do so constitutes a failure of society to exercise its duty. Unwillingness to grasp that nettle is not the earmark of moral superiority, but of moral duncecap-wearing-ness.

There’s no “right” involved. There’s a matter of inappropriate sentencing.

Get it right, people.

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