The Fundamental Mendacity

OF THE MILITANT — scorn quotes — “Center” should by now be apparent to all self-aware sophonts.

And yet, disingenuous pseudo-conservative David Frum insists that, by policing political speech, his nascent organization, No Labels (no links), will open up vast vistas of political discourse hitherto untravelled in the History of the Republic. </scorn>

The organization, as described by the asymptotically witless Kathleen Parker here, seeks to:

…[A]ttract both politicians who feel they’ve lost elections for being too moderate, and voters who feel homeless.

Now, given that Parker has had a bad case of cranial-rectal impaction for some time, one may find it charitable to excuse the utter witlessness of her formulation. Liberal Republicans, not realizing — or accepting — that it is precisely their willingness to compromise with palpable evil — apparently purely for the sake of compromise itself — that has brought the nation to this low estate.

The politicians who were voted out in November were voted out for being too LEFTIST, not for moderation. (That most were self-styled moderates had more to do with the ability of the majority to reach them in gerrymandered districts; the real extreme leftists have carved themselves out niches where they feel themselves safe. And they are — for now.) Moderation had nothing to do with it. They were voted out for being liberals, albeit self-deceptive, soft, and squishy ones.

The voters who have felt homeless for — oh, I don’t know — fifty, sixty, seventy years, now, are those Nixon attempted to gull with his appeal to the “Silent Majority,” the people who — in the words of el Rushbo — make the country work, who only want to be left alone to live their own lives untrammeled to the best of their own ability with no help or interference from the outside. Does that sound moderate? Not by the definitions used in the Northeast Liberal Establishment Media Echo Chamber Bubble. No, that sounds Extreme Right Wing Fringe Wingnut Wacko by the terms of the Left-dominated Governing Class.

As Rush puts it, the volume “Great Achievements of American Moderates” is the slimmest book on the shelf. A rush to the middle is a headlong plunge into mediocrity. There is nothing to recommend it and a great deal to condemn it. A case where safre sane (sic) does not apply.

Years ago, the late science fiction author Jack Chalker, whom I would type as a tendentious left-progressive, tried to sell me on his moderatism. He claimed he was a guy camped out in the middle of the road with a pair of Uzis, taking shots at the traffic in both the left and right lanes. I thought it was precious then, and find it tiresome now. I allowed as how, as far as I could see, all you find in the middle of the road is yellow stripes and dead skunks.

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