The Family Becomes A

STATISTIC. Listening to the morning show on 55KRC Friday morning, I heard Officer Tammy Skelley, delivering the Crimestoppers Bad Guy of the Week segment. In doing so, she alluded to a fatal shooting that had occurred the night before.

Yeah, I thought with mild surprise. I guess that would be in the news, wouldn’t it?

Thursday night, the house phone rang. Toni answered. It was Number One Daughter. Her siggo’s cousin had been shot and killed. No further details — none really needed. It was no doubt this was the death to which Officer Skelley was referring. Watching a tivo’d drama from Thursday on Friday, I saw the news tease the story as well.

We didn’t really know the young man in question. The relation is rather vague, as there isn’t a marriage between NOD and her significant other, only two beautiful daughters — our granddaughters. Not inlaws, so much as out-laws.

Nevertheless, it does hit home — there are people out there who consider it right and good to make an aggressive (as opposed to a defensive) use of firearms. And the victim being someone you know — however distantly — strengthens the impact.

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