The Elizabeth Warren Brouhaha

AMOUNTS TO A WHOLE lot of question-begging.

And not just street-corner “spare change?”-ing. We’re talking GIMME A DOLLAR MOTHERFUCKER and following you down the block cursing your ancestry and threatening your descendants in a parade-ground voice.

THAT kind of question-begging. Really beligerant and more than a little dangerous and transgressive.

As Michael Barone observed, Warren grew up in Oklahoma, where Cherokee ancestry is common and no big deal. OK, so she gamed the system to gain personal advantage. That’s not, according to the adolescent cri de couer, it’s not fair.

It’s also beside the point. The real issue about Elizabeth Warren is that she’s a despicable human being. She’s a collectivist statist with some really toxic views about how the power of the state ought to be used to oppress its citizens. This is not a person you want in elective office.

Bin the Indian nonsense. Don’t fall for the sleight of hand. Keep your eye on the ball.

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