The Caturday Post (Take Two)

NEW BABY KITTEHS are home, now, with a surprise addition of a teensy (1#, 12oz) little tuxedo guy, destined for Number One Daughter’s household, but needing to have some weight put on him before he goes into a house with two large dogs, various assorted adult cats, snakes, two bearded dragons, and a noisy cockatiel. (Not to mention two young, rambunctious girl-children.)

Temporary Simon and Temporary Bandit.

Temporary Katydid in the crate.

The “Temporary” part refers to the names, which are the tags they got hung on them in the foster home. We’ll let them tell us their “real” names when they’re ready.

They’re in a crate to allow them and the current resident adults to become accustomed to one another without having to mix it up. So far, Aqua seems to be the most bent out of shape and Sky seems to be the least concerned. We predicted that Karma would be the most bent, but so far, she only seems puzzled and curious. More anon.

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