The Caturday Post

IN WHICH WE DISCOVER just how hard it is to get good candid shots of Karma.

I’ve complained here (and there) about how I’ve never been able to get a picture of Loki, with a flash, with his eyes open. In “available” light (My teacher at the Nikon School said, “If you have a strobe in your pocket, that’s available.”), he’s fine. But, if I’m about to use a flash, there’s something he’s associated with that blinding flash — he being very light of iris color, I imagine the flash borders on painful for him — and he’s learned to close his eyes. Which is OK, I guess. Far be it from me to cause my little buddy pain.

But then there’s Karma — the new kid en la Casa d’Alger. She’s got no problem staring into the bright light. She’s got a problem ignoring the camera. Doesn’t matter much what she’s doing, if she senses a camera going active — the startup sound or the autofocus laser, es macht ihr nichts — she instantly looks toward it to see what the threat is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kitten with such situational awareness. Most of them go through life in Condition White — utterly oblivious, ba-doop, ba-dooping along in a Pooh-like fog. Not Karma. She can be dozing in her bed clear the other side of the living room and the camera already live. I bring it up and press the button, she’s looking into the lens in the resulting picture.

Until today, that is.

We’re having a bit of Indian Summer. Temps predicted in the low 70s. Perfect weather to open the windows and air the place out.

It might be the first time the windows have been open after a long closure since Karma’s been here. Certainly the first time she’s been able to get up on the window seats in the study when they were open.

And birds in the bird bath in the front yard.

And flying around all over the place.

And making noises!

Can you hear the little kitten heart going pit-a-pat?

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