The Caturday Post

ON SUNDAY Been awhile. Been busy. Too busy to write much about personal stuff, which takes more attention than just popping off about politics.

The collar came off Sky. Not that he and his sister, Aqua (at right), are any easier to tell apart, mind. Just that one Sunday within the last month, Toni met him racing around the upper storey with his collar in his mouth. And one foot caught in the thing. He’d sliced the inside of his cheek clawing at it. It made it seem as though that were the right moment for it to come off for good.

And there began in earnest the exercise in learning to tell the two of them apart.

Without doubt, they are not identical. The problem is finding and learning enough differing characteristics to be able to tell with some degree of certainty to which of the two of them you are presently addressing yourself.

It can get comical.

If they understood what we’re saying, I’m sure they’d both have identity crises from being called by the wrong name and sex. “Hey there, boy… er, girl.”

But, of course, they don’t. They withstand it all with perfect aplomb.

And we’re learning. Aqua is darker on the back and has this cape of dark fur across her shoulders. Sky has the same thing, but it’s smaller and less-pronounced. Aqua has a dark patch on her belly, which Sky does not. Sky’s feet are bigger, which presages his being a big bruiser when he comes into his full growth.

But the big difference, which grows every day, is that they hold and carry themselves completely differently. Sky tends to be more furtive. He’ll wince away from any proferred touch, even if he wants it. Aqua is utterly fearless and will weave her way around on your lap or on the couch or bed next to you. Even their facial expressions — yes, cats can have facial expressions, as hard as that is to believe — at different.

These two pictures were taken within minutes of each other, back in June. Aqua on top, Sky on bottom. The postures are entirely characteristic.

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