The Caturday Post

THE EDJUMACASHUN continued with Earnie going in to get tutored this week. He went in Thursday, spent the night at the horsepistol and came home Friday. The fastest edjumacashun in the West. Earnie has had a lot to say about it, but mostly has gone on a nex-pot-tition* around the house.

Lots going on today. Have to do the Grogery this AM. This afternoon, Younger Sister will be visiting. “And now, all the way from Bris-baaayyyne Austray-lee-aaahhh!” With that kind of buildup, it’s, as you might imagine, a Big Deal. As a matter of fact, all the drama from LAST weekend was in aid of this one, so you can get the idea what it took to get ME off the dime.

Not much blogging going on today. You have a purrrfect day, eh?

* As Pooh puts it, “It’s not so much their necks that worry me as it is their teeth.”

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