The Caturday Post

BEEN A WHOLE LOTTA edumacashun goin’ on. One day last week or so, I noticed Chester was playing Doctor with his sister — Jane. He was really getting into it, too. You know how cats do that neck check thing. He was looking terribly serious; she was looking frightfully bored.

Being’s how we have ten kitties, we REALLY don’t need any more, so Chester went and got tutored.

Then, figuring Jane was probably broken, besides, we had her in to get her fixed.

So now we can’t have any (more) kittens.

And Earnie’s due to get some schooling himself in the next couple of weeks. He needs to get tutored — which, being a one-on-one thing, I guess doesn’t really count as school, although it is edumacashun.

Just remember, as Obama teaches us, more larnin’ don’t necessary make for more smarts.

Earnie’s learned a new trick. Well, considering it’s happened before and we just didn’t catch him at it, it may not be all that new.

I was sitting in the living room this afternoon, when the wall lamp flickered. Then went out. We’ve been having a lot of problems with 3-ways going out on us lately, so I sighed and made to go get another bulb. I was just getting up when I heard the sound of tiny kitten claws on the back of the couch. And allofasudden, there was Earnie, very proudly carrying the power cord for the wall lamp in his mouth. He put it down on the back of the couch and settled in to torture it — the way cats will do with their prey.

Swell. The kitten is unplugging lamps and playing with the cords. So we have to enhance vigilance to make sure he doesn’t electrocute himself. Do parents of toddlers have these problems?

Yes, it IS possible to train a cat. But it’s a long, involved process, and filled with frustration. It also annoys the cat no end. Fortunately, like a teething behavior, kittens will outgrow this kind of thing. Meantime, protecting them from their own ignorance gets to be a full-time and worrisome job. We may have to unplug that lamp for a few weeks — until Earnie forgets what a marvelous toy it is. Or gets too big to fit back there.

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