The Caturday Post

A DAY LATE so sue me.

As much as I hate the flash, you do get some odd pictures of Baby Kitty when you don’t use it. First, Karma reminds us to rub our chins on stuff whenever possible. Those essential oils are important to the maintenance of proper finishes on furniture, books, records, laundry baskets, drywall corner beads, woodwork…

(That’s Sky just out of frame to the left, very carefully NOT posing for the camera.)

Next, some evidence of the Heisenberg’s Cat phenomenon. Here we see Baby Kitty caught in the act of warping space-time in order to suddenly appear wherever she wasn’t just a second ago.

When we first brought her home, she had a round fleece bed. And, being the high-strung kitteh she is, she would knead and nurse on the rolled outer edge of it. She’d work her way all around it, as though evening out the wear and tear.

Of course, as she grew, her ability to fit in the thing became constrained. When she first came home, she could stretch her full length across the diameter of the bed with room to spare. Then she would have to let her feet hang out…

(Can’t you just hear “Turkey in the Straw”? — Oh I went to bed / But it wasn’t any use / My feet stuck out / Like a chicken roost / Oh dee oodie oodle oodle oodie oodia oughta day / Lood-dee-dee-oodle oodie oot-dot-day!)

ANY way… Then she got so big that the only way she could fit in it at all was to curl up in it. Even then, she barely fit. All growed up, you know — but still young and small and insecure enough to still knead and nurse on the roll. Toni calls it “nomming.” Even though there’s no real noms involved, it’s still appropriate.

Taking notice of the apparent outgrowing of the bed, Toni bought a new one. But this one was square. Can you picture the puzzlement? It’s been on the living room floor, right next to the old one, for a month or so, now. And the other day, for the first time, Karma lay down in it and started kneading and nursing — nomnomnomnom.

Haven’t the heart to take away the old one, just yet.

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