The Caturday Post

SOMEBODY GAVE Karma a dose of speed or something. She’s been zooming around the house, bouncing off walls, all day. It’s grocery day to boot, and she’s had a field day exploring all the neat and interesting STUFF I brought home from the store. Kinda reminds me of the little girl with the giant stuffed animal from Despicable Me. “IT’S SO FUZZY!!!

Loki’s been acting a little on-his-chin lately. So this morning, Toni called for me to put him in the carrier. Number One Daughter stopped by and Number One Grandson scooped up the Lokester and took him off to see Dr. K. at the Animal Hospital. His weight’s good, but his gums looked a little off. Dr. K. gave him a shot of steroids in the butt and prescribed canned food for awhile. WHICH the other cats will take considerable joy in, as a diet of kibble and kibble can get a tad boring, even if you do lick your butt to clean it.

Karma is gradually learning to catpile, although she still is a bit… standoffish. She’ll nap with them on the bed, but she doesn’t snuggle. Yet. Give it time, I suspect.

TONI REMINDS ME that the triplets — Aqua, Sky, and Jazz — are going to turn two next Two’s-day, the 18th. Picture is from May of ’09.

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