The Caturday Post

MERRY CHRISTMAS, KITTIES! Baby kitty is still busy. Busy-busy-can-be. I can’t recall a kitten who has been as active — or a cat for that matter, other than Belle — as Karma. She’s always curious, always investigating, always looking for new prey to capture and kill. Lately, she’s taken to stalking Toni’s cell phone — one of those really tiny flip phones about half the size of a pack of cigarettes…

Ew! Cigarettes.

I hear you, Dolly. But the size comparison comes readily to hand, and there’s precious few objects with such universal familiarity.

Easy! There’s … Or… Hmmm. This is harder than I thought.

Right. So you see my problem.

Anyway… Toni’s cell phone is Karma’s newest most favoritest prey. Coming in even ahead of Aqua.

Toni will put the phone down someplace handy and step away — sometimes in the next room, but most often not — only to come back and find it on the floor being stalked by one tabbico kitten with the most intent expression. This evening, Toni put the phone down on my dresser-chest — about four feet off the ground — and took two steps. Turned around, and there was Karma, getting ready to knock it off onto the floor.

Having your phone next to you on the nightstand suddenly becomes a challenge.

As she grows, Karma also discovers new things she couldn’t do when she was smaller.

Our cats have a cat tree by the back window in the living room. It’s about five feet or so tall, and is topped out by a carpeted crows nest supported on about a two-foot column wrapped in sisal rope. This stands on a platform covered in short, looped-pile carpet. (Not quite shag, but not cut-pile, either.) Karma has discovered that she can lie on her side at the base of this thing and swing herself around it like a… Like a feline tether ball, I guess is the best way to describe it. We interrupted a viewing of Holmes on Homes this afternoon to watch her at this exercise for a good… oh, couple of minutes at least.

Holmes on Homes! I can tell you were serious!

Dolly? Stifle.


This increased tempo of operations means that the youngster has less time to snuggle with humans, now. Whereas before she would curl up and nap on my chest, now she’ll stop in for fifteen seconds of petting and behind-the-ear-scratching before scampering off (she’s too lanky to badoop-badoop any more, although she does still do the kitten butt-wiggle) on another adventure.

The busiest baby kitty in town.

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