The Caturday Post

UR DOON IT RONG department. Worked for an hour or so after breakfast, then took a nap.

Where can I get this gig!?

Work at home.

I do! You keep me chained to this rowing bench 24/7.

And yet, you still manage to pipe up with irrelevancies!

How am I being irrelevant?

This is The Caturday Post.


Are you a cat?

::chuckles:: ‘Pends who ya ask.

But for this: no.


So pipe down.


ANY way… I lay down for the nap amidst a mega-catpile. I think the whole herd was on the bed except for Belle, who kept watch from atop my dresser. (Well, atop Toni’s sewing box atop my dressers — the greater height being all-important.)

In arranging pillows and covers, I displaced Karma, who went over and snuggled up next to Aqua. They’re turning into best buds, except Aqua doesn’t seem to agree in that assessment; she looks on Karma more like an annoying kid sister, right now. And, to illustrate that point, Karma grabbed Aqua by the neck and started chewing/sucking on her ear.

Kid needs lessons in catpiling. Aqua threw her off the bed.

Not that she stayed off very long.

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