The BHO Name Game

HANNITY can focus on the pettiest shit.

But, OK. I’ll play.

So Barack Hussein Obama, the son of a Muslim, was named in part for a companion of the prophet. Sort of like Mexicans naming their kids Jesus, or Episcopaleans naming theirs Mark or Matthew.

Or Peter.

Well… There’s other issues there…

But the reason that the Democrats chose to make an issue of it has to do with their own bigotry. They assumed that swing voters included a significant number of bubbas who, on hearing the name Hoosane would immediately go straight to Saddam. Or that there was a lesser risk that they may assume The Guy is an undercover operative for Osama bin Liner.

Like… they wouldn’t know anyway.

Now. ::shrug:: He could show up in the white night dress and the hat that’s had a rimjob, kneel in the Rose Garden, facing Norfolk, and start the bobbing and weaving and it wouldn’t matter.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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