The 30-Second Manifesto

LIFE: the condition of living or the state of being alive. The principal characteristic of the individual (q.v.). Self-evidently the first inalienable right of all individuals.

The definition of life as a biological proposition is very slippery. But as a metaphysical proposition, relating to mankind, it is quite simple: the condition of living or the state of being alive. No, that is not a tautology.

Defense of life — particularly the life of The People — is the primary fiduciary responsibility of the state. It is also the right and responsibility of the individual. When the state acts counter to this principle, for any reason whatsoever, it is in default.

There may be times and situations in which the state may be required to remove particular individuals from society, and that the termination of those individuals’ lives may be the preferred method. Such must be carefully circumscribed and straitly limited only to those cases in which it is absolutely and affirmatively known that the termination of life is the best choice in the interests of justice.

The instant an indvidual departs from these principles is the instant he forfeits all claims on the protection of either the state or society, although this fact may not be known absolutely and affirmatively. Whether the act of departure is punished by society or not, it stains the soul of the individual who encompasses it.

Accordingly, the state must not force individuals to fail in the defense of life without overwhelming cause. Existential cause. A cause which can be distilled down to a matter of defense of life.

The instant the state departs from these principles is the instant it forfeits all legitimacy.

All other rights of an individual as a member of a society under the governance of a state spring from this right.

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