That Roman Polankski

DOESN’T SEE WHERE ANYONE was harmed when he sodomized a drugged underage girl should inform one of the moral qualities of the left in general. The girl was already sexually active, folk say. (Is she therefor required to accept a forced partner three times and more her age?) The girl was in a compromising position already — having agreed to pose semi-nude for the director’s camera. (Seems to me that’s a damning indictment of the ulterior motives Polanski displays in this telling. Get her in a position where she’s less likely to be able to make a credible case for rape against him. Yeah. That’s a good guy.)

That his take is defended by a good many so-called “liberal” folks should tell you enough to want to run screaming from any potential association with them. Because by this you may know that they have utterly no respect for YOUR personal autonomy.

And it fits. Why should a collectivist care about a person’s individuality?

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