Thank Your Congresscritters

OR AT LEAST THOSE WHO DID for voting against the “stimulus.” Be sure to do it. Especially if they’re Democrats. There was the real bi-partisan effort, Bela Pelosi’s feckwitted blathering notwithstanding.

How on earth does someone so stupid…?

Amass so much powerful? Because she’s … not so much smart as she is … sly. Possessed of a certain low cunning. The kind that lets any bottom feeder spot and exploit a chance opportunity. Absent any real intelligence, and probably too lazy to actually prepare or do real work (why else go into government?), she’s been living on her animal wits all her overextended life.

Oxygen thief.

But, if you work at something long enough, you jsut naturally will get somewhere with it. Like Woody Allen said, 90% of anything is just showing up. You don’t need talent if you’re alone in the game.

So that’s why Democrats keep winning? The really smart people stay away — for the most part — and the honest ones (the Republicans) aren’t cunning enough to cheat effectively?

Er… Something like that.

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