Ten Years Ago At This Hour

This is a bit of dialog between two characters. I have no idea which–if any–among my cast of dozens might voice these thoughts.

The line of conversation grows out of a frustration with the manifest evil that is Islamofascism. It seems as if people of putative good will around the world refuse to take on this evil and its avatars–men like Osama bin Laden and Yassir Arafat–for fear of… what? Appearing to be bigoted? Is it racist to call a spade a G**D***** shovel?

There seems to be a fear that action may stain one’s soul. All killings are not necessarily murders, but who judges which are and which are not? God, of course, or some other manifestation of the the indifferent Universe. OK, so it may be a sin to take action. Is it more of a sin to stand by and do nothing, or to take action and–maybe–get your hands dirty in the process?

“Jesus died for the sins of the world, yet evil still walks the earth. How better to follow Christ’s example than to take on one’s self the sin of rooting evil out wherever it might be found? Who will take on the blasphemers of the Virtue Police in Arabia? Who will fight against the slavers in Africa? Who will stand with the widows forced into suttee in India? Who will witness for the millions of aborted baby girls in China?”

“Let you who are without sin cast the first stone.”

“What a cop-out! Just because I’m imperfect, I’m not capable of seeing and judging evil, of taking up arms against it?”

Can’t remember who it was, but some wise guy somewhere somewhen said, “All it takes for evil to win is for good men to do nothing.” Or something like that. {sigh}

Somebody is bound to take me to task for not pointing out the sins of the West. Maybe the abysmal faithlessness of the United State government in dealing with American Indigenes. Perhaps the poor choices evidenced by America’s treatment with dictators who are allies of convenience against perceived “greater enemies.” I might go along with some of those, for myself. (Probably not many, though.) But the characters who would be speaking here are themselves Westerners and not given to self-flagelation. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be having this argumentin the first place.

:: Mark Alger 8:24 PM

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