Ten Years Ago At This Hour

SOME CRACKER barrel philisophizing:

A lot of folks on the kneejerk Left seem surprised when conservatives and libertarians exhibit non-knuckle-dragging intellectual development. I would say the quote below, from the Vice-President’s wife, is closer to capital-T Truth than anything the pomo primates have ever uttered.

“Without the idea that we live in reality… compassion is impossible and so is any other virtue one could name. Nothing beyond the gratification of the moment matters in such a world, not fairness, not justice, not responsibility, not honor. None of them matters because in such a world none of them exists.”

–Lynne Cheney Telling the Truth (Simon & Schuster, 1996)

And what does this have to do with La Muñequita? Simple: Dolly’s world includes Real Live Gods. Olympians. Middle-eastern orgiasts. The Egyptian mystics. But it is manifestly our world. What’s up with that?{eyebrow bounce}

The idea of reality-bending being central to the setting, we must consider in full the ramifications. If a man is without memory, how can his life have meaning? If reality derives from consensus, is not absolute and objective, how can good and evil have any meaning? Is the straining of the individual to realize his or her own life the only Truth?

Dolly’s life is a journey in search of Love. How can Love have meaning without an objective, external framework by which to define it?

I promise these matters will be handled with a light touch and that the story will not be subordinated to philosophical maunderings.

:: Mark Alger 6:37 PM

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