Talk Radio is All Stem-Wound

OVER BARBARA Boxer’s parvenu-ish insistence on being addressed as “Senator.”

If you like.

For me, considering how stupid the woman is — Biden may be the stupidest man in the Senate, but he is being given a run for his money as the stupido supremo tutti di tutti by la Boxer — I can’t help wondering if she would have gotten the slight had the general simply replied, “Yes, ma’am,” to her upbraiding of him.

Nah. That type will always discover slights — even when there is none. So, of course, an intentional shot will pink her for sure.

I suppose. It’s at moments like that I am convinced that no one in government ever wants to get me up in front of a congressional committee. I’m not bright enough — or enough of a cold strategist — to be able to refrain from letting all those jumped-up climbers just how low is my opinion of them, and then to offer dispositive proof of my assertions.

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