Taking the Next Step

PERSPICATIOUS and observant regular readers of BTB will notice that the graphic of Gandalf (We the Little People) facing down the Balrog (Obamacare) has been replaced by one of the arrogant criminal himself.

Oh, come on now, Alger! “Criminal”? Isn’t that a bit over-the-top?

Is it, Dolly?

Why wouldn’t it be?

Well, let’s run the numbers. Is not the Constitution the supreme law of the land?

Er… yeah?

And is not Obamacare patently unconstitutional?

Of course.

And has not Obama promised to sign the bill when Congress presents it to him?


And what overt acts are required to meet the legal definition of conspiracy?

But… Oh. Yup. He’s a criminal, alright.

ANY way …a picture of the criminal himself, with a link to the Senate Conservatives’ Web site. Click and go. (The link will open a new window/tab, so you won’t lose your place here.) Sign the pledge. Urge your legislators and candidates to do the same. Follow through.

That is all.

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