Surface Stations

DOT ORG has updated their mapping of USHCN (United States Historical Climatological Network) stations. These are the stations which provide the bulk of the data used to fabricate (and I use that word deliberately and with malice aforethought) the statistical underpinnings of the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming conjecture (not worthy of being called even a hypothesis — for lack of rigor).

The note from SS.O leader, Anthony Watts, is here. As Anthony reports, they now have 70% of the extant stations surveyed. I don’t pretend to understand the minutiae of the data. I imagine bits of it will be being teased out for years to come. But one thing jumps out at you and slaps you in the face like a fish in the Monty Python Fish Dance sketch.

69% of the stations are sited such that they can be assumed to generate data with a greater error than the claimed per-century delta of historical warming.

That is to say that the claimed warming trend over the period from about 1890 to 2000 is within the margin of error (+/- 2°C).

As I have said almost from the first day I began investigating this topic on my own some years ago, we don’t know there has been warming. From the extant data, we cannot know, because the information is not there to tell us, and there is no way we can find out, because all other methods than direct observation are less precise. All we can say is that when we have looked, where we have looked, there is a statistically insignificant trend, which can be made stronger or to disappear depending on how you massage the data. And that last should tell you all you really need to know about the subject.

All the rest of the whole CAGW hoax rests on this data — thin support, and on close examination, the whole collapses like a city built out of playing cards when they turn on the fans.

No need for ad hominem attacks on the witless Al Gore and that opportunistic crapweasel James Hansen and his butt boy Gavin Schmidt, or the bureaucratic petit dictators in the UN’s IPCC. All we need are the facts, ma’am.

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