Surely It Couldn’t Be

BECAUSE THOSE OF THE politically favored persuasion are more ethically challenged? That their sense of entitlement tends to lead them astray? Or is it that the Democrats currently leading Congress — if leading it can be said to be — are, in truth, themselves racist?

The article shows a screen grab from a television ad which asks “Why are only black congressmen being investigated?” That is known in some circles as begging the question. There are white congressmen being investigated — mine (Jean Schmidt) not the least.

But, surely… It can’t be that the black congresscritters are more prone to criminal activity than their white counterparts? Generations of excusing black criminality as being nothing more or less than what’s to be expected from former slaves crowded in horrible ghettos and oppressed by the white power structure?

(Never mind the countervailing trends among all other racial groups.)

If you encourage a behavior, excuse it, subsidize it, evennn, is it not reasonable to expect to get more of it?

Not to say that those of African heritage are — racially — more criminally inclined. Not to say that there is no finely developed moral sense. Only to say that those who have swallowed the encouragement, excuses, subsidies, and so-on and gone into government might have social attitudes that lead to this behavior?

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