Supremes Split the Baby

AND THIS IS WHY I keep urging people: don’t argue on the basis of practicalities of the policy. Challenge the fundamentals of the policy. Congress does not have the authority to meddle in personal and private contracts between medical practitioners and the People. Period. End of discussion.

As for what to do going forward, 1) impeach every single justice on the Supreme Court for gross violation of fiduciary responsibility to We the (little) People. 2) Vote Obama out of office. I don’t care if you elect Romney or Johnson or Ron Paul’s little dog. DO NOT put a Democrat in the White House.

Not that you should ever do that anyway. Sort of like crossing the streams.

Um… right. Moving right along: 3) If you are represented in Congress by a Democrat, vote for the other guy. 4) DO NOT cooperate. Refuse to buy the government insurance. Pay the friggin’ fine. 5) Flood the zone. Tell your own representative AND the leadership… ram that repeal through committee. Bring it to the frigging floor TODAY.

Vote’s scheduled for the Eleventh.

Well, there you go. For the government, that’s pretty damned close to immediate. But they still have to follow through.

If they don’t, they not only won’t be in office come January, they may not survive until then.

I suppose you know, THIS MEANS WAR!

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