Sudden Change

IN THE WIND. I have decided I’m sick-and-tired of dealing with City Desk and I don’t really want to wait until I can get my archives moved over to the new content management system to make the switch. So I’m just going to start today as though it were all new. The template and external links are the same.

The archives remain intact, but the internal links to them may be fubared for awhile. External permalinks should still work, unless they didn’t work yesterday, in which case they probably didn’t work tomorrow, either.

For the nonce, please assume that all glitches are due to the change and that I am aware of them, even if fixes are not immediately forthcoming. Sometime down the road, when the glitch density gets a little less … dense, your sharp eyes may be of help, but for now, well — thanks, but….

Update: Still struggling along. Lots of inside baseball stuff. Lots of my stubborn, mule-headed need to learn how to do it myself. (Remember the aspirin commercial: “Mother, please! I’d rather do it myself!”?) Lots of patience from the convalescent Connie du Toit — myriad thanks and big, get-well-soon hugs for all that. With luck, comments should be enabled Thursday. Hope it hasn’t driven you to distraction not being able to kibbitz.

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