BJORN LOMBORG in an op-ed posted at Investors Business Daily, starts out:

Global warming may not be the apocalyptic problem that climate Cassandras like Al Gore claim, but it is real and we need to do something about it.

You hear that assertion a lot. But you need to push back: “PROVE IT!” Because, you see, they haven’t.

The temperature record, such as it is, is pitifully low-resolution, of dubious precision, positively mangy coverage, an embarrassingly short time-span, and universally biassed toward warming to an extent exceeding the margin of error.

Global warming may be real, but we don’t know it. All we know is that, when we’ve looked, where we’ve looked, and lamely as we’ve looked, the record shows warming. Which is a long way from having demonstrated to any degree of accuracy or precision that the actual globe (as opposed to man’s record of the globe, as pitifully inadequate as it is), has, indeed, over any span of time, warmed.

Let alone that such warming is thermodynamically meaningful in any real sense.

Hat tip: Watts Up With That

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