Steve Forbes

ON THE 55KRC morning show Thursday, alluded to a provision in (I believe he said) the three-point-four <dr.evil>trillion</dr.evil> dollar budget bill which would force arbitration in unionization disputes. That is, after your business gets card-checked into the union, by union thugs intimidating your employees (wonder how many non-unanimous votes that’ll bring), if you don’t cut a deal with the union thugs, the Federal government (“… and we’re here to help you”) will send in an arbitrator, who will decide matters for you.

Last week, I asserted that government regulation of businesses might cause an atomization of employment, with the standard business unit being made small enough to fly under the regulatory radar — as long as they can. Right now, that small shop limit is around 30-50 employees. But I can envision a scenario in which the floor will be a tenth that, at best, and most people performing tasks in a business will be independent contractors if any way can be found to make it so.

It’s that or have your business driven under when a parasitic union piles on top of all the other burdens business faces these days.

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