Standing Naked in Front

OF A FEMALE AGENT is — scorn quotes — “torture”?

All of America reads this and goes WHAT. THE. FUCK!?ELEVEN!!!1

You know, Dolly, I remember that exact frame of mind, attitude, weltanschauung, what-have-you quite well. When I was a teenager. One would sling all manner of horse hockeypucks to get out of doing work. And crap about how bad it made our widdle feewings huhwt was high on the ordnance inventory. Over the years, as I see changes in the education establishment in America — pursuant to the unionization of teachers in the late ’60s — and observe those changes as they seep through the fabric of society, I cannot help feeling a sense of deja vu, recognizing that same adolescent malingering and BS-slinging in now-official pronuncements.

Yeah. Like I said: WHAT. THE. FUCK!??ELEVEN!!!1!

Don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming when the Democrats — bound and determined to undermine a Republican President at all costs (and without regard for the effect of those costs on the nation) — began their full court press on the witless assertion that waterboarding=torture.

No. I’m not telling you that. I just keep hoping that common sense will prevail at some point.

Come now, girl. You know better.

Yeah. ::sigh:: I do.

WHAT!? Was She…:.

LAUGHING AT HIS little slick willie?

“Torture” my ass. Those spoldeydopes are a bunch of pussies. Our kick-ass American chicks scare ’em? Heh! May the Lord smite me with it and may I never recover!

(A little Fiddler on the Roof humor for you, there.)

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