St. Ann in Porcelain Slippers

NOT QUITE CLAY FEET, BUT damned close. The other day on the Hannity radio show, Ann Coulter said, in effect, you have to grade Republican governors of blue states on a curve.

A fersher ::wobbitta:: to me.

A WHA’ diddah?

A ::wobbitta:: It’s the sound effect used in cartoons to indicate head-rattling befuddlement.

Ah! I kinda thought so, but I wun’t ‘zackly sure.

We live too, serve.

But… I do not get this “grade on a curve” thing. Either your principles matter or they don’t. Either they are right or they are wrong. If they’re right, they’re right everywhere. If they’re wrong in some places, then they have to be wrong everywhere. That’s what makes them principles.

I think I might get this. If the PEEPLE in a given place have different principles…

And they’re wrong…

And they’re wrong…

Wait one!

Oooo! I sawed what you didded there. You palmed that card!

Not really. See? There it is. Right there.


But we degrease. I’m willing to forgive St. Ann minor transgressions in this case. But I do think she needs to get out of the Northeast Liberal Establishment Media Echo Chamber bubble once in awhile.

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