Spotted In Passing

AT CLIMATE DEPOT … and it set off a train of thought. OK, well, a quick spark of snark, m’kay?

Algore wrote (in February) on his blog (no I’m not going to link) that John Kerry should encourage anger.

“I want you to go out there and start knocking on doors and telling people this has to happen,” Kerry said during a conference hosted by labor, farming, military veteran and environmental groups. “You know if the Tea Party folks can go out there and get angry because they think their taxes are too high, for God’s sake, a lot of citizens ought to get angry about the fact that they’re being killed and our planet is being injured by what’s happening on a daily basis by the way we provide our power and our fuel and the old practices we have. That’s something worth getting angry about.”

“They’re being killed…” Hmmm. TO borrow a trope from Doctor Zero, Did you die yesterday? No? Didn’t think so. Neither did I. So,obviously, Kerry is being ridiculous and is off his rocker.

<loucostello>SAME AS YOU!</loucostello>

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