Speaking of Covers

OVER THE WEEKEND I brought home about ten boxes of books from storage. These are what I think of as my “Desk Books — the ones I like to keep handy to my working area for reference of one type or another. Aside from the fiction, these are layman’s books on subjects I want to survey, or they are abstruse texts on narrow subject areas I want to learn at greater depth. Or they are histories or biographies of people and events I’m referring to in one fashion or another in my storytelling. Or they are standard references, or how-to texts on the subjects of writing and storytelling.

I have been without them for 5 years and some. They have been sorely missed. The recent sale of a bunch of books has cleared the shelf space rightly made for my Desk Books, and now I have them back.

I use a service called Library Thing to catalog my collection. No, it’s not free, but for a bibliophile, the low price is worthwhile. I have begun entering this “new” batch of acquisitions there. If you want to look for ideas for purchases, or just to drool, check it out. If it doesn’t come up in cover display, click the Covers button at the top of the listing. And, by all means, if you want to buy, click through to Amazon — the site gets some small measure of support from your purchases and there’s no additional cost to you.

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