SO WE THE LITTLE people won this round. Ever fear; they’ll be back. Keep your powder dry. Keep an especial eye on those freedom-of associations such as MPAA and RIAA which can oh-so-easily turn into criminal conspiracies against civil rights. It is unfortunate that this is an acutal legitimate function of government, or I’d be calling for the banning of copyright and patent. However, I do firmly believe that both should inhere only to the individuals who create original works, and that ownership rights should pass to corporate entities of any stripe with only stringent limitations on their exercise by those entities.

No, I don’t have a list ready to hand, so don’t ask. Just… There need to be limits. Here’s one — subject to modification and extension — the ownership of Mickey Mouse should go to Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney, and NOT the Disney corporation. The exercise of those ownership rights, if passed to the corporation, should expire just as though they had been personally retained by Mickey’s actual creators.

On the other hand, I would question anyone’s attempts to use Mickey in a work and then claim copyright. If you directly use a public domain work in your work, that work cannot be considered original, and is therefore not copyrightable. Take that, samplers!

But, back to the original subject. We need to kill this and make sure it doesn’t come back zombie-like in some omnibus defense appropriations nightmare. I have no idea how, except just avalanching the legislators with letters, phone calls, and emails any time they try and voting out of office the miscreants of EITHER party who bring it up.

Of course, there’s a long list of things we should do that on, and the criminals keep getting away with it — witness the fact that Chuck Schumer is still alive, let alone holding down a Senate seat.

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