Some Tips for Designers

OF WEB SITES for entertainers.

1) Do not assume that your readers are as eager as you are to see all the bandwidth-sucking bells and whistles. A site that loads slowly is a site that might as well be dead. Sure, you may have brazilians of hits, but, unless your product (CDs, MP3s, DVDs, merchandise) is flying off the shelves and your concerts are selling out, that slow web site isn’t doing you a lot of good, now, is it?

2) Keep your site up-to-date. There’s nothing so disconcerting to the fans as to find “THE OFFICIAL SITE” for their favorite act, only to learn that the most recent item on the News page is from four years ago.

3) Put every tour date you have up there. Don’t show only this month. People plan concert attendance months in advance. If you don’t have your dates out there, they don’t know you’re coming, they won’t buy your tickets.

4) Include professsional contact information on the site, or links to managers, booking agents, record company, etc. Don’t assume that those awful, grubby fans are the only people viewing your site.

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