Some Idiot at the Washington Post

<joannewhorley>IS THAT A CATEGORY JOKE?</joannewhorley> asks what he thinks, no doubt, is a terribly clever question: “Why aren’t there any libertarian societies?”

Might as well ask why Henry Ford’s first car wasn’t a 2013 Thunderbird.

Dipshit. It’s because libertarianism is highly advanced and is not something that you start out from. It requires educated and sophisticated understandings of the relationships among people and between people and the state. It requires an advanced conception of the necessities of self-government. You start out with anarchy, develop through various stages of autarchy through democracy and republic. Libertarianism is an END STAGE governmental form.

If you want to know why there are no purely libertarian societies, look in the mirror. Are YOU well-advanced enough to govern yourself? (And not meddle in the affairs of others?)

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