So We Have a New Blogroll Department

CONCERNING ALL THINGS WEB and it’s called The Web We Weave. Web design and development has been a minor side interest of mine since, well, Tim Berners-Lee was in short pants.

That’s Sir Tim etcetera and so-forth to you.

Right. Sorry. But you, Dolly, will be glad to hear that I am currently satisfied that BTB is stable enough for further developments can be done time-available down the road. Of course, I intend to style the posts. Of course, I intend to get your picture appropriately positioned atop the left column. And all manner of other things, but, for the moment, the full-court-press on site development is finished.

This weekend, I intend to get back to work on It’s Dolly’s Birthday.

It is? I must have missed six months somewhere. YAY! Happy birthday me!

No, sillioldbear! That’s the name of the story. Book. It’s called It’s Dolly’s Birthday. See the italics? That’s an indicator that it’s the title of a book. I’ve given an 80%-complete draft to my first reader, and I anticipate she will have mondo beaucoups notes for me shortly, so I’ll have to finish up quickly or get all tangled up in edits. Not good to do drafting and edits out of sequence. It can confuse things.

Yeah. Italics. A book title. Or the name of a ship. I remember Ms. Aplin’s class.

No you don’t. That was 1965. You weren’t born until 1971.

Or so they say.

Well, actually, I say. I’m the author.

Ooo! SO how do you like playing God?

I… Well… No. You don’t get away with that. I’m in charge here! I’m…

Yeah, right. We’ll see who’s really in charge when I pull this pl

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