So They’re Playing

THE PANIC CARD on the — scorn quotes — “stimulus,” even as public support for it wanes. Ebbs. Goes out with the tide. Gets sucked down in the undertow.

They’re saying if we don’t do something RIGHT NOW(!!!Eleven!1), we may never recover from the recession.

To me, that’s a sign it’s time to donkey up. Dig your heels in, lean back against the halter rope, and REFUSE to go ANY farther. The only appropriate answer to this tactic is, “HELL no!”

Inform your congresscritters of your resolve.

And in line with that, this comes via eMail from The Mrs — Connie du Toit. It’s a blast being sent out by the folks from Americans for Prosperity.

It now looks like the vote in the Senate on the Pelosi-Reid-Obama giveaway spending bill will be this weekend — most likely Sunday though it could slide to Monday. Thanks in large part to folks like you, pressure is building relentlessly on individual senators. The Democrat leadership desperately wanted to end the debate last night because they know they’re losing the battle on the ground but they did not have the votes in-hand to defeat a filibuster as of last night.

We need to make sure your senator understands that just cutting some pork is not enough to fix the bill. And we know our members agree. On our Wednesday night telephone town hall with Senator Jim DeMint, we asked the over 10,000 activists who joined the call if a compromise on the stimulus bill was acceptable, 96% of the responses were a very clear NO.

That’s why we’ve got to dial up our efforts even higher.

This afternoon, Americans for Prosperity is delivering your petition along with more than 68,000 other signatures from our website to the Senate demanding a NO vote on this outrageous bill!

The petitions are broken out state by state. Already, we’ve been sending the petitions to targeted senate offices via email and fax. Targeted offices have included Senator Specter (PA), Senator Snowe (ME), Senator Nelson (NE), Senator McConnell (KY) and others.

One senate office told me last night that people calling and emailing their offices are having a powerful impact BECAUSE they are able to describe in detail the waste, abuse and sheer wrong-headedness in this Pelosi-Reid-Obama spending bill. That’s an important reminder for us to be focused specifically on WHY this bill will hurt our nation and send us down the wrong path. To that end I want to share two very important websites with you.

The first website is by the great folks at the Mercatus Institute. This site is crucial because it details state-by-state the most outrageous requests for earmarks if the legislation passes I urge you to check out this site and look at your own state’s most egregious earmark requests.

The second site is from our good friends at the Heritage Foundation. They detail how funds in the Pelosi-Reid-Obama debt plan will fast track the scheme to move us to a Government Run Health Care System — without any public debate.

After you check out these sites, if you have not called your Senator, do so today. You can call the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your Senator. I just dialed the number from my desk and all the circuits were busy!! Let’s keep shutting down the system though that means you may have to call a few times to get through to your senator.

And please get your friends to to sign the petition — we can break 100,000 petitions by Sunday with your help. Adding more petitions every hour is the clearest way to show momentum for our side and keep the heat on the senators.

Check out the “counter” to see the momentum that you are helping grow– it keeps a real time log of every single new petition.

Keep fighting. Keep getting your friends and family involved. You’re part of a growing grassroots movement that is going to protect our economic freedoms and preserve the American Dream.

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

P.S. You signed the petition and said NO to heaving trillions of dollars of debt in the name of economic “stimulus” and now lawmakers are starting to feel the heat. Help us keep the momentum going by forwarding this to your friends, calling your Senator, and by supporting our efforts so we can reach more individuals through emails and the radio.

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