So They Buried

OBL AT SEA, after he’d been killed by American special ops forces in a technique called a “double tap.” The practice originated, I seem to recall, with snipers firing over long distances through obstructions, such as window glass. Two rounds are sent downrange in rapid succession, servicing the same target. The first round is meant to clear the obstruction, the second to take the target out. The reason they need to be fired in rapid succession is that the target may move in reaction to the results of the first shot, and must not be allowed the time to do so. Therefor, the second round must seem to arrive before the first is detected. More recently, the term has come to describe any situation in which two rounds are fired in quick succession at the same target.

Which brings to mind a drink to be named after the al Quaeda financier. The Osama: two shots and a splash.


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