So the Women of the Left

HAVE THEIR PANTIES in a wad and jammed up their buttcracks over what Rush said about that poor Georgetown Law student who testified before Congress the other day. And the situation reminds me of nothing so much as that old joke:

Q (outraged): What kind of girl do you think I am!?

A: We’ve already established that. Now we’re haggling over price.

Of course, the Left — lying as usual — is obfuscating the fact that the objection is not to the use of or access to, but that the young idiots want to use the state monopoly on lethal force to coerce their fellow citizens into PAYING THEM TO HAVE SEX! So, yes. In answer to your question, I do think you’re a pro-slavery statist git.

And then there was the poor benighted law student who died of embarrassment when told at the pharmacy counter that her insurance didn’t cover contraceptives. A law student who didn’t read her insurance policy. Mm-hmm. That one should have THAT point entered in her permanent record.

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