So the Union Thugs Were Out in Force

IN LANSING TUESDAY in an attempted mob action to intimidate Republican legislators into voting down right-to-work laws. (And you wonder why I say unions are un-American? Can’t abide the results of an election? Take to the streets? Mm-hmm.)

Of course, those heard roaring in the capitol are immune to reason, but I’d love to hear an honest answer from them to these: “How exactly is right-to-work going to harm you? Is it going to reduce your take-home pay?”

Far from it. If the lunchbucket crowed aren’t forced to pay union dues, the forcible extractions from their paychecks should go down — limited more to those exactions of the state thugs and less to the “private” sector thugs.

“Is it going to make your workplace more dangerous?”

Hardly. One negative side effect of the ossification that unions bring to a shop is ironclad work rules. While this is presented as a check on management — preventing it from exploiting workers — it is also a check on management should it wish to improve working conditions. If you try to tell me that doesn’t happen, I’ll respond that you’ve never worked in a union shop.

No, to paraphrase Malcolm X, those union guys are being played for chumps by the union management. Who are, to paraphrase Mel Brooks, protecting their phone-baloney jobs.

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