So the Pirate Problem

STILL UNDER DISCUSSION (while nobody does squat) and the statists in DC seem unafraid to use state power for its legitimate purpose.

Odd, that, seein’s how they seem to positively love using state power to oppress the taxpayers.

And one of the crewmen of the Alabama is suing Maersk (the shipping line, owners of the Alabama) for damages, arguing, in effect, that not only should the line have known that piracy was and is a problem and that its ships and crews were at risk, but that it did know, because he, personally, had raised the issue repeatedly in meetings on the subject over a period of several years.

And, as Greyhawk points out, the guy is only asking $75,000.00. Practically a token amount. Which buttresses his argument and cuts off the notion that he’s money grubbing at the pass.

Watched the documentary on the History channel over the weekend, and found the arguments put forth by the international maritime folk against arming ships or crews to be specious at best, and stupid and deadly at worst. It’s amazing how so many people…

OK. So it’s not amazing at all. There are a lot of stupid and ignorant — even willfully ignorant — people out there.

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