So the Core Reason

THE WASHINGTON ESTABLISHMENT is so het up over the crises ongoing in that town — after all, those guys induced the whole mess, they must have known this was coming… What? Are they fronting?

The reasons they’re so het up go like this:

First, they’re afraid that, if they don’t “solve” or “avert” the crisis before it eventuates, and it does, we might learn we didn’t need them after all, that the whole scare was a paper tiger.

Second, they’re afraid that, if we slow down or get a breather from the constant drumbeat of whack-a-mole crises, we might learn a few facts, like: they’re not competent to do their jobs and we really should fire them, because their jobs are to not let this shit happen; they’re not competent to do their jobs, because they can’t really fix it, and they claimed they could and would, and their job consists entirely of making promises and keeping them, and if they can’t keep their promises, what good are they?

Third, (and this circles back around to First above) they’re afraid that, if the whole thing shuts down for real, or the government flat runs out of money and can’t borrow any more, or the whole house of cards collapses to the grouund… we might discover that we don’t really need them, that we’re better off without them, that they’re paper tigers and all their guns and tanks avail them nothing against an indifferent populace (let alone a hostile one), and that we really should jsut get rid of them. Or, at any rate, most of them.

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